Histological Study Of Protective Effects Of The Aqueous Extract Of Moringa Oleifera Seeds On Diclofenac-Induced Livers In Male Rats


  • Nagham Saleh طالبة ماجستير في كلية التربية للبنات/جامعة الكوفة
  • Dalal Abdel-Hussein Kadhim AL–Essawi Biology Department- Education for Girls Faculty- Kufa University.Iraq




Key words: queous extract ,Moringa oleifera ,seeds , diclofenac, livers ,male rats.


The study designed to indicate the protective effect of the hot aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera the seeds of against the harmful effects stimulated by the diclofenac drug in the livers of the male rats. This study was carried out in the animal house of Science College / Department of Biology -University of Kufa from 1/10/2022 to 10/1/2023.

      Thirty animals of adult male rats of type (Rattus rattus) were used in this study which had an average weight of (220 g) and an average age of (12) weeks. The experimental animals of male rats were divided into six groups and each group included five male rats which were treated by dose Orally by means of gastric dosing tool for 35 days andwere as : the 1 group was provided with diet and water only and was a control group, while the 2 group of male rats was dosed with only diclofenac drug at a concentration of (100) mg / kg of body weight, and the 3 group of animals were dosed with hot aqueous extract of plant seeds Moringa oleifera at concentrationof (400 ) mg / kg of body weight and the 4 group of animals were dosed with hot aqueous extract of plant seeds Moringa oleifera at concentrationof (600 ) mg / kg of body weight respectively, while 5 group was dosed with the hot aqueous extract of the seeds of Moringa oleifera at concentration (400 mg/kg of body weight + diclofenac at a concentration of (100) mg/kg of body weight and the last group 6 was dosed with the hot aqueous extract of the seeds of Moringa oleifera at concentration (400 mg/kg of body weight + diclofenac at a concentration of (100) mg/kg of body weight respectively.all the animals of rats were treated in all groups for a period of 35 days and after expermnit end the rats were sacrificed after being anesthetized with chloroform and the livers was extracted from the bodies after they were opened and placed in formalin solution at a concentration of 10% for a period of 48 hours for the purpose for histological study.



    The results of this study showed that histological sections of liver tissue of rats treated with the aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera seeds at a concentration of (450 and 600) mg/kg of body weight and there were no pathological changes in the histological structure of the liver as the central vein, sinusoids, and hepatocytes were normal , as the results also revealed by examining the histological sections in the group treated with aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera seeds at concentrations of (450,600) mg/kg of body weight + diclofenac at a concentration (100) mg / kg of body weight the liver tissue was closer to the normal structure with slight changes observed in it such as little necrosis in some liver cells with little widening in sinusoids compared to the control group while the results of the current study showed that the liver tissue of rats treated with diclofenac at a concentration of (100) mg / kg of body weight had suffered from many pathological changes such as expansion of the central vein, widening of the sinusoids, necrosis and degeneration of the liver cells and necrosis of the liver tissue, and infiltration of inflammatory cells in comparison with the normal histological structure of the livers in the control group.


















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