About the Journal

ISSN: 1995-7971. The Journal of the College of Jurisprudence is concerned with publishing  scientific research related to various Islamic sciences,  the Arabic language, history and various human specialties that have not been published or submitted for publication previously, and it is a quarterly scientific journal issued by the College of Jurisprudence - University of Kufa Date of the first issue In 2005 the number of issues issued in year 2 illiteracy,                                                                                                                Ethics of publishing in the journal The journal is concerned with publishing research and studies in humanitarian disciplines,
Especially Islamic research and studies.
The Journal of the Faculty of Fiqh welcomes all research and human studies and what
Related to it, in particular research on religious and Islamic disciplines in the Qur'an
The Holy - Creed - Islamic Thought - Jurisprudence - Fundamentals and Religions ...
The Journal of the Faculty of Jurisprudence receives solid research and studies according to the rules of
The following scientific research:
1. Submit a summary of the research in my language