Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Management Sciencesis a scientific journal that is established in 2004 by Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Kufa and publishes knowledge in a number of fields including business, accounting, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior and strategic management. Al-Ghary Journal fills an important need in this context by focusing on real life economic and management issues. Al-Ghary Journal has adopted double-blind anonymous peer review system.



ISSN (Print) : 1994-0947   
Frequency: 4 Issues per year    
Languages: Arabic and English

Editor-in-Chief: Pro.Dr. Hashim Alabadi

Email: hashimf.dabbass@uokufa.edu.iq


Editorial Office:

Faculty of Administration and Economics,

University of Kufa,

P.O Box 21, Kufa

Najaf, IRAQ
Email: algharee.mang@uokufa.edu.iq