Bayes estimators with extension of Jeffery prior information for Time censored data and Failure censored data




Bayes estimator , extension of Jeffery prior information, Maximum Likelihood estimator, simulation.


In this research, the Bayes estimator was derived based on Time censored data of the first type, and the Failure censored data of the second type. Reliance has been made on extension of Jeffery prior information. Finally, the simulation was used based on the MATLAB program and with different inputs to find the best estimator among Maximum Likelihood estimator and Bayes estimators with extension that has the least mean percentage error


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Haneen R. Sahib and Hadeel S. Al-Kutubi ,"A Comparison Between Parameters and Survival Function of the Exponential Distribution Model Using the Complete Data and Censored Data". accepted final of the journalMathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems .2023




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Reed Sahib, H., & Al-Kutubi , H. S. (2023). Bayes estimators with extension of Jeffery prior information for Time censored data and Failure censored data. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 10(2), 52–56.

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