A Novel Integral Transform :INEM - Transform


  • intidhar zamil Mustansiriyah University https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2745-6564
  • Emad Abbas Kuffi Department of Materials Al-Qadisiyah University, College of Engineering




Integral transform , INEM transform, Ordinary differential equations , initial conditions


In this paper, we present a novel  transform  namely INEM – Transform , involving a lot of potential new or known transform basic characteristics of the new transform were examined in this work as special cases., authors first derived the INEM – transform of basic mathematical functions ,theorem of linearity ,theorem of derivatives and the definition of inverse formula .a  novel transformation used to address specific initial value problems of higher order ,some illustrative examples,  and use  of application in two applications: finding the blood glucose concentration and finding the aortic pressure presented in this work.


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