Study of the Existence and Uniqueness of Global Solution for the Fractional Second Order Nonlinear Integro –Differential Equations with Boundary Conditions


  • Ammar Isam Edress Polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq



Differential Equations, Fractional Second Order Nonlinear Integro –Differential Equations


In this paper, the existence of the global solution and its uniqueness is studied for the Second Order Nonlinear Integro–Differential Fractional Equations with boundary conditions by utilizing the Picard approximation method which is given by Sturble, 1962. Furthermore, several given results by Butris, 2010 have been extended


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Edress, A. I. (2018). Study of the Existence and Uniqueness of Global Solution for the Fractional Second Order Nonlinear Integro –Differential Equations with Boundary Conditions. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 5(2), 1–5.

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