Application Based performance monitoring heavy data transmission of Local Area Network


  • Lecturer Ammar O. Hasan Software and Informatics Dpt., Salahaddin University, College of Engineering, Erbil, Iraq.



Network Traffic, Ethernet Parameters, VoIP, Queuing delay, Throughput, Global Statistics


There are many applications should be work online, these applications can be seen in the application layer of OSI reference model, each one of these consumes particular band width, bit rate and network speed depending of the resources that used to make any application operate for example there is a widely difference between video streaming network application and text chatting application. In this paper when any computer network needs to be examined, at least two different applications should be taken for example to monitor network performance when these application going to work and get in action. In this paper the researcher designed and a local area network to implement dedicated applications, monitor the network factors performance, get results, and compare between applications.  


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Hasan, A. “Application Based Performance Monitoring Heavy Data Transmission of Local Area Network”. Kufa Journal of Engineering, vol. 13, no. 3, July 2022, pp. 14-40, doi:10.30572/2018/KJE/130302.