Impact of Pesticide Use on Farmers Health Condition: Case Control Design


  • ِِAhmed Q. Hasan Department of Community health, College of Nursing, University of Kufa, Najaf al Ashraf, Iraq.
  • Mansour Abdulla Falah Department of Community Health, College of Nursing, University of Kufa, Najaf al Ashraf, Iraq



Pesticide, Farmers, Health Condition


Background: Reducing agricultural emissions of substances that are toxic to humans is one of the targets of the United Nations UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG). Though the use of agrochemical has lead to an increase agricultural productivity, but their use has also been associated with many negative direct and indirect impacts on human health resulting in loss of working efficiency. Organ phosphorus compounds had the highest amount of usage among all groups of pesticides in India in the last decade.    

Objectives: The present study aimed to identify relationship between the general physical condition among farmers and type of the pesticides and methods of dealing with them.    

Methodology: A case control design was conducted to examine the differences between intact groups on some dependent variable of interest. A non-probability sampling technique (convenience sample) used for 201 farmers (102 farmers for the study group and 99 farmers for the control group). The study group for farmers exposure for pesticides, and control groups for farmers do not spray pesticides. The data were collected by using questionnaire (PHQ-15) -based interviews by researcher.  The current study was conducted in five distract (Al-Mashkhab district, Al-Abbasiya district, al- hrea district, al-hera district and al qadisya district).                                                                                

Results: The study results indicated that there are an overall farmers' responses toward general physical condition among study group participant are moderately impacted, while the general physical condition was not impacted among control group participant. And the presents study shows the most common type of pesticides use is insecticides and this type is the most dangerous type on farmers health condition. In additional a negative direct relationship between number of spray pesticides and general physical condition of farmers.        

Conclusion: The study has been concluded a most dangerous type of pesticides on farmer health is insecticides. In additional the study conducted a direct and negative relationship between number of spray and impact farmer health condition


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Hasan ِ. Q., & Falah, M. A. (2023). Impact of Pesticide Use on Farmers Health Condition: Case Control Design: . Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 13(2), 277–284.

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