Contraceptive Practices among Breastfeeding Mothers




contraceptive, practices, Breastfeeding Mothers


Background: Breastfeeding women should have access to family planning information and services to help them select a method of birth control that allows them to support breastfeeding and is safe for the breastfeeding child.      

Objectives: The study aimed to evaluate the practices of various contraceptive methods among mothers who were breastfeeding.     

Methodology: A descriptive-analytic design was conducted for breastfeeding mothers from the period of 12 February to 28 October 2021. To give equal chances to participate, the probability simple randomization technique was applied for selecting (800) postnatal breastfeeding mothers attending the immunization unit in Primary Health Centers in Sulaimani City. 

Overall, items included in the questionnaire were in two parts: part one General and specific information about breastfeeding mothers' concerns, and the response to the characteristics of socio-demographic variables and obstetric status. Part two was contraceptive practices. The data were collected through the use of interviews and then analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical analysis and inferential statistical analysis. Common contraceptives used among breastfeeding mothers were natural contraception (62.5%), condoms (17.5%), ICUD (5.0%), oral contraceptives (3.5%), and breastfeeding (11.5%).                                                                                

Results: A high percentage of breastfeeding mothers used contraceptives and only ten percent of mothers were using breastfeeding for contraception. A significant difference was found between socio-demographic data and practice contraception and resumption of menstrual after delivery.        

Conclusion: According to the findings of the study, a focus on health education for mothers should be established, and the nurse should take on the role of contraceptive method educator


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