Epidemiological Study of Prevalence of Balantidium Coli among Children Inflicted with Diarrhea in Missan Governorate; for the First Time in Missan


  • Mahdi Abed Neamah Al-Musawi University of Baghdad




Balantedium coli, fecal sample, children, diarrhea


Background: Parasite Balantididae coli is the only kind of Alhdbeat pathogenic to humans, where infects the large intestine and causes ulcers in different regions.

Objectives: The study aims to determine the prevalence of the parasite called the stages and find a relationship between injury to Balantidium Coli and the demographic information of the infected children

Methodology: The collection of 138 stool samples from children by accident and through routine testing in the civil laboratories and age of infected children ranged from (6 months-10 years) and from different areas of the province of Missansamples were examined within an hour after collection and using the swab direct wet stool samples direct stool examination and dyed using Lugol`s Iodine.

Results: The results showed the injury (7) parasite Balantididae coli and (5%) of all children screened, the highest infection rate recorded in the ages between (12-6) months and by 4 (8.8%), while the lowest rate of injury for the ages between (5 3) years, and did not record any injury between the ages (10-6) years. The study showed a difference of infection rates between the ages when the level of significance (P <0.05).The study showed no significant differences for child sex on the incidence of the parasite rate, the highest infection parasite had been recorded in the Amil neighborhood (3 cases), have been diagnosed with active and mutant developed Almtkis parasite Balantididae coli in the feces of rats were taken from the Amil district area.

Conclusion: recorded this study, the presence of injuries parasite Balantididae coli for the first time in the province of Maysan, so we believe that the arrivals, especially from East Asia (employment) with operating in the province companies probably are the main factor for the spread of the parasite also that the presence
of the headquarters of these companies near residential neighborhoods It may have a role in the transmission of the parasite through water sanitation systems and sewage as well as by rats that are AmadaivKhasenh for Qrabiyat coli.

Recommendations: develop a comprehensive action plan to identify, recruit and prevent the spread of the parasite in the Maysan province conducting tests arrivals from East Asia with companies operating in the province are probably the main factor for the spread of the parasite.



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Al-Musawi, M. A. N. (2016). Epidemiological Study of Prevalence of Balantidium Coli among Children Inflicted with Diarrhea in Missan Governorate; for the First Time in Missan. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 6(2), 130–137. https://doi.org/10.36321/kjns.vi20162.2650

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