Proper legislation and obstacles to the legislative process in Iraq


  • Ahmad Abbas Al-Fatlawi Kufa University - Faculty of Law


Throughout history, civilized nations have been racing for the advancement of their people and the stability of their conditions, after they became certain, through the bitter experiences they went through, that their position among nations cannot be achieved without sound and effective legislation in terms of wording and content.
It is correct to say that the criterion for the success of any political system in today's world depends on achieving the wishes of its citizens, political participation and the rule of law on the one hand, and the stability of the legislative process in its broadest scope on the other hand.
That research on sound legislation and the obstacles that prevent it is justified for putting it on the platform of comparative legal analysis, as it is the starting point for evaluating the legislative process, as well as the extent of the effectiveness of laws and their achievement of the reasons that necessitate them.


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Author Biography

Ahmad Abbas Al-Fatlawi, Kufa University - Faculty of Law

The most important milestones that I accompanied during my scientific career were my obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Babylon in 1997, and then I completed my studies to obtain a master’s degree in public law from the same university in 2000, and in 2012 I obtained a doctorate in law year from the Higher Institute of Doctorate in Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences affiliated to the Lebanese University, and I also obtained a diploma / associate degree in international humanitarian law from the Geneva Institute for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in 2017, and I was also chosen as the first Iraqi academic among a group of international experts to review In the Third Geneva Convention of 1949, and commenting on it, in addition to my winning the first place in the Arab world in the winning legal research competition launched by the International Committee of the Red Cross to prepare specialized research in international criminal law, in 2018.



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