The Reality of Racism


  • Hayder Alkilabi


In this paper, I will explicate how

generalizations, oversimplifications,

and reductionism are the inevitable

consequences of dualistic approaches in

understanding the complex phenomenon

of racism. Such racial-dualistic frameworks

are not only inadequate and ambiguous,

but could be harmful on many levels. By

utilizing a comparative analysis of Marxist

dialectical-monist approach and a non-

Marxist dualistic approach, I will contend

the effectiveness of the former approach

as being more elucidating in treating the

interwined issue of race and racism. I

will start by providing an introduction and

definition of race and racism by tracing

their origins in history and commonplace

discourse. Second, I will examine two

different racial binary theoretical paradigms

i.e. the Superiority/Inferiority Paradigm

(Eugenics theory) and the Black/White

Paradigm. In this analysis, I will attempt to

offer a thorough critique, discuss capitalist

agendas and their consequences, and

suggest alternatives to such misleading

and uninformative paradigms. I will

present, define, and suggest the Marxist

dialectical-monist approach as an

alternative in comprehending race and

racism. Overall, my aim is to discuss

the importance of embracing dialectical

monism, instead of dualism, in improving

human progress and comprehension

of the phenomenon of racism, and in

uncovering the limitations and destructive

consequences of the dualistic approaches

produced by capitalism.


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