Change and the Future of the Kurdish Question in Syria


  • Sarbast Nabi


All despot regimes are deteriorating in the region, and this

goes in line with the will of the peoples in the region to get

their freedom and their will to appear differently on the arena

of history in a way that contradicts the oppression inflicted

on them. There is no doubt that this historical movement will

reformulate our modern history and that of the peoples of the

region. It gives a huge chance to the peoples of the region to set

themselves free from this chronic corruption and rusty slavery

which prevailed over the lives of those communities for ages.

So do we explain this overwhelming change in societies and

political systems? What are we to expect for the fate of the pan-

Kurd cause politically? What is the possible and influential role

that the Kurd can play? In this regard, we have to insist, in our

view, on the difference between the reality of Kurdish people

and the reality of slavery, persecution and destitution and the

shape that the future should take and what we aspire to. The

keys issue is the nature of the reconciliation in the future in this

geopolitical situation and this is what we can expect from this

historical change. In this regard, the modern free state forms the

political and legal framework to organize the joint life in this

geography. All this can be achieved through free contribution for

all in their political self-determination and their quest for their


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