A Cloudy Scene from Afar


  • Fawzi Karim


History, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Cultural Studies, Humanities


In the mid-sixties, the poet Mustafa Jamal al-Din read a good
poem to the audience at the Festival of poetry. These are the
opening lines of the poem:
بغداد ما اشتبت عليك الأعصر إلا ذوت، ووريقُ عمرك أخضرُ
مرت بكِ الدنيا وصبحك مُشمسٌ ودجتْ عليكِ ووجه ليلك مُقمرُ
وقستْ عليك الحادثاتُ فراعها أن احتمالك من أذاها أكبرُ
O Baghdad,
However hard times twist their boughs around you,
They wither, and the leaves of your life is green again.
The world witnessed your bright morn,
And in darkness, the face of your night was illuminated by
the moon.
Catastrophes were harsh on you, but they were amazed
To find that your endurance of agonies exceeded their power
to harm.
Baghdad here is more powerful than Time.When history
turns the shine day of Baghdad into a dark night, it has her fulcomm and ments of the leftist doctrine, which
call for optimism.
The historical fact says that the themes of
the "Monument of Freedom" must exchange
their locations. The first dark section, full of the
dead, must be the third. And the third lighted
section, so full of accomplishments, must be
placed as the first. This is what we have seen
in reality. I believe that art and poetry do not
deal with history but with myth. They must go
beyond history, not follow in its footsteps, and
contribute to the distortion of the truth.


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