Patient's knowledge and Believes Regarding the Risk Factors of Leukemia in Marjan Hospital


  • Fakhria J. Mubabes Al-Mustaqbal College
  • Salma K. Jehad University of Babylon
  • Dia S. Abdul Hadi University of Tartue



Leukemia, Patient's knowledge


Background: Leukemia is a cancerous changes begin in a marrow cell and blood. It is divided into a cute type, acute leukemia which affects the cells that are not completely developed, and Chronic which is slowly progressed, There is an increasing rate in the risk factors regarding leukemia cases particularly in ages 65 to 69 years old and this represented (1 case per 100,000) while patients aging 70 and over constituting about (10 cases per 100,000). Knowledge of patients and believes regarding the risk factors may include chemical substances, radiation, exposure to benzene comes from cigarette smoke.

Aims of the study: The aim of the present study was to assess patient's knowledge and believes about the risk factors of leukemia, and to find out the relationships between some of socio demographic variables and patient's knowledge and believes regarding the risk factors.

Methodology: A descriptive design study was carried out to assess the knowledge and believes of patients with leukemia regarding the risk factors of this disease, the period of this study was Jan \ 2018 to June \ 2018, Convenient non probability sampling method was used, the sample consisted of (50) patients who admitted to Marjan Hospital. Questionnaire developed after comprehensive review of literatures related to this topic, it was completed during patient's interview. It consisted of 3 parts: the socio demographic data, Knowledge of patients and believes regarding the risks factors of Leukemia.

Results: Most of the patients age (40%) between (31-36) years old Male patients were more than female (60%). The majority of them (80%) were married. Half of them lived in urban area, in addition their level of education (52%) of them had primary school level, while (76%) of them had sufficient economic status. the result declared that most of patient believed that smoker is risk factor of leukemia. The majority of them did not believed that fear and anxiety, life events (fatigue and frustration), the poverty, contaminated food, stress, and the disease can't be cured. There were significant relationships between all the variables and patients believes and knowledge scores at P > 0.001.

Conclusion: Although it is impossible to prevent leukemia there are various risk factors which may cause this disease, and patients may have different knowledge and believes toward those factors. The current research findings declared that there were significant relationship between patients knowledge and believes with the their sociodemographic data.

Recommendations: Increase Patients awareness about risk factors of leukemia and how to minimize the exposure to them through the ministry of health effort


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Author Biographies

Fakhria J. Mubabes, Al-Mustaqbal College

Adult Nursing Department

Salma K. Jehad, University of Babylon

Community Health Nursing \ College of Nursing

Dia S. Abdul Hadi, University of Tartue





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Mubabes, F. J., Jehad, S. K., & Abdul Hadi, D. S. (2021). Patient’s knowledge and Believes Regarding the Risk Factors of Leukemia in Marjan Hospital. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 11(2), 230–237.

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