Plagiarism Statement

All manuscripts under review or published with KJNS are subject to screening using Plagiarism Prevention Software called Turnitin. Plagiarism is a serious violation of publication ethics. Other violations include duplicate publication, data fabrication, falsification, and improper credit of author contribution.  Thus, Plagiarism or Fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour are unacceptable and submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable. It is necessary to mention that KMJ Journal may ignore similarity up to 20% with no more than a 5% similarity index from any one of the references listed at the manuscript.

All new submissions to the KJNS will be checked by the journal system of plagiarism by two methods; the first is by editors checking and the second is by plagiarism checking tool (Turnitin).