Authors Guideline

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Author Guideline

Authors are recommended to submit the following documents: 

  1. Cover Page (separate file)
  2. Main document should include the following:
  3. Research title, abstract, and keywords (Page 1)
  4. Manuscript text (Begins on Page 2)
  5. References (Begin on a new page)
  6. Tables and figures (Listed after the references page)

Note 1: Main document should not include any identifying information (authors names and/or authors institutions). Authors names, institutions, emails, and address are included in the cover page to facilitate double-blind peer-review process.

Note 2: Manuscript should be written in a Time New Roman font and font size should be (12 Point).  

Manuscript Preparation

1. Cover Page: The cover page should be a separated file from the manuscript document. The cover page should follow this EXAMPLE:

Manuscript Title: Time New Roman, Bold, 12 Point Font Size, Capitalized Each Word

Authors:  Author Name1, Author Name2, Author Name3

Corresponding author: 

Name of Corresponding Author, Degree (e.g. PhD.), Institution Name

Email and Phone No:  (+964 – 78---------------)

Mailing address: Street address, City, Province, Country 


1st Co-Author Name, Degree (e.g. PhD.),  Institution Name, City, province, Country

Email : 

2nd Co-Author Name, Degree (e.g. PhD.),  Institution Name, City, province, Country Email:

Authors Notes to Editors ( Please mark all the check boxes)         

☐All authors of this manuscript declare that no conflicts of interest are involved in this research or writing this manuscript.  

☐The paper is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

☐Authors permit the KJNS  to retain the copyright of the manuscript after it published.   


2. Manuscript Main Document (separated file from the cover page) includes:

  • Manuscript title, abstract, and keywords (Page 1). Abstract should include background, aim, methods and materials, results, and conclusion, and it should be no more than 250 words.
  • Manuscript text (begins on page 2) and should highlight the following: introduction,  methods & materials, results, discussion,  conclusion, limitation (if applicable), and research contribution (if applicable).
  • Introduction should include only relevant information and highlight the main them of the manuscript.
  • Methods section should include research design, participants (number of participants and selection process), ethical considerations, materials & measures, and procedure and data analyses (if applicable).
  • Results: Authors should report only relevant results  with clear description to participants demographic information (if applicable).  Tables and figures should not included in the results section. Tables and figures should be included after the references paper.  Authors refer to a table number in the result section, for example (table 2 indicates that healthcare professionals demonstrate good practice).
  • References: Reference list should be formatted in APA style, following the guideline of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, seventh edition. Follow the
  • Tables and Figures: Tables and figures are placed after the reference page. Tables should be in editable format. All symbols should be explained under the table.

Submit a Manuscript Online:

  1. Before submitting a manuscript, authors are recommended to review the Publication Ethics of the KJNS.
  2. Authors are recommended to prepare all the required documents listed in the author guideline before submitting their manuscript.
  3. Authors are recommended to submit their manuscripts online at Make a new submission.
  4. Authors are required to register prior to submitting a manuscript. If already have an account, just submit a manuscripts online at Make a new submission
  5. Authors are required to submit two separated files (the cover page and the manuscript main document).
  6. Authors will be asked to provide the names and contact emails of at least two experts in their field who may be called to review the submitted manuscript. Provided names are not guaranteed to be nominated to review the manuscript.
  7. Authors can follow the progress of the submitted manuscript through view your pending submission
  8. Authors will be received an electronic email in every step the manuscript go through.

Review and acceptance Process:

  1. Submitted manuscript will be reviewed by the editorial team in terms of compatibility with the KJNS publication policy, publication ethical standards, and the journal scope. This process will take no more than 2 weeks.
  2. All the submitted manuscript will be checked using "Turnitin" plagiarism checker software to determine their similarity index. Similarity scores  20 % or less are considered acceptable.
  3. The manuscript will be send to at least two reviewers after it fulfills the journal publication standards. Our review process is a double-blind peer review.
  4. Reviewers' comments (if present) will be sent to correspondent author for revision. Revisions are made in red color and the revised manuscript is expected to be resubmitted online in 10 days.
  5. Based on reviewers’ decision, publication acceptance letter will be sent to correspondent author if reviewers recommended to accept the manuscript.

Publication Process:

  1. Full article is published online after all the publication requirements are achieved.
  2. KJNS is an open access journal, which makes all published article available for readers.
  3. The KJNS offering all authors the permission to make their published articles accessible to public.

Publication Ethics

  1. Authors are required to make a clear declaration about any conflicts of interest may be involved at any stage of their research even if they had no influence on the research, such as (financial, academic, personal, institutional).
  2. Submitted manuscripts  must contain a statement in the methods section about the protection of human subjects and approval by the appropriate institutional review board (IRB).
  3. Authors are responsible for obtaining and providing written permission from copyright holders for reproducing materials from other authors, such as tables and
  4. Authors orders are listed based on their contribution to the study. Any changes to author order after manuscript submission  will require written permission from all authors.  Written permission must include original order of authors and the new author order.
  5. KJNS will not accept manuscripts include falsification information.
  6. Authors are expected to contact the Editor-in-Chief to appeal any editorial decision that they believe is unfair with the rationale for appealing the decision. The Editor-in-Chief will review the rationale with the members of the editorial board if needed and provide author with the appropriate response. 

Publication Fees and Payment Process

  1. Authors pay a one-time article processing charge (100,000 IQD) for authors from Iraq (national authors) to cover the costs of peer review administration and management, professional production of articles in PDF.
  2. There will be no submission fee, charges for extra pages, or color charges.
  3. Article processing charge are waived for international authors.
  4. All the information regarding payment process is found in the following link: Publication Fees and Payment Process