Publication Ethics

  1. Authors are required to make a clear declaration about any conflicts of interest may be involved at any stage of their research even if they had no influence on the research, such as (financial, academic, personal, institutional).
  2. Submitted manuscripts  must contain a statement in the methods section about the protection of human subjects and approval by the appropriate institutional review board (IRB).
  3. Authors are responsible for obtaining and providing written permission from copyright holders for reproducing materials from other authors, such as tables and
  4. Authors orders are listed based on their contribution to the study. Any changes to author order after manuscript submission  will require written permission from all authors.  Written permission must include original order of authors and the new author order.
  5. KJNS will not accept manuscripts include falsification information.
  6. Authors are expected to contact the Editor-in-Chief to appeal any editorial decision that they believe is unfair with the rationale for appealing the decision. The Editor-inChief will review the rationale with the members of the editorial board if needed and provide author with the appropriate response.