Allah Knowledge of Minor Topics, between Negation and Affirmation


  • Jawad Hussain muhammd Ward Sawa National University



Allah, May His majesty be glorified, knowledge, whole, partial, self


The present study deals with the issue of Allah Knowledge of minor topics, i.e. every single detail, and  examining the different points of view that varied between negating\ denying this knowledge, on the one hand. This is the doctrine of the wise men including Al-Kindee and Abi Al-Barakat Al-Baghdadi. One the other hand, those who proved this knowledge, which is the doctrine of speakers. So, this study aims at illustrating this issue as being the most important and dangerous one so that denying it leads to consider those people as having disbelief, as done by Al- Ghazali in most of his writings.

         The researcher adopts an evidential methodology mostly dependent on analyzing this issue and replying to it, or sometimes providing certain convincing proofs together with good controversial evidences to get benefit of its obligatory outcomes. The first is divided into two sections preceded by an introduction that illustrates the concepts of the whole and part and what is knowledge besides its reality and divisions so as to distinguish Allah knowledge  from others. The second section focuses on the evidences which absolutely prove His Knowledge in addition to presenting those suspicions about the perfection of Allah Knowledge,  such as He do not know Himself or others, then analyzing these suspicions and refuting them. The third section is devoted to set out the arguments raised by those who deny Allah Knowledge of these minor\ detailed issues, then presenting the evidences that affirmatively prove Allah Knowledge


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Ward, J. “Allah Knowledge of Minor Topics, Between Negation and Affirmation”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 54, Mar. 2023, pp. 443-72, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i54.11558.