Copyright and Licensing policy

Copyright and ownership:

        The editor-in-chief of Kufa Journal of Arts ( Adab Al-Kufa) confirms commitment to copyright and intellectual property. Therefore, copyright is a legal right affirmed by law in all countries of the world, ensuring fair use of scientific publications and writings, including Kufa Journal of Arts ( Adab Al-Kufa). The editorial office of Kufa Journal of Arts ( Adab Al-Kufa) emphasizes on copyright, which is a form of intellectual property that applies to certain forms of creative work, according to copyright law in all countries of the world, which undertakes legal protection, and these rights often include copying, and control over derivative work, distribution, public performance, and moral rights such as attribution.

      The objective of the intellectual rights protection system is to develop research and development, provide information for the advancement of knowledge, increase investment incentives, and encourage innovation and scientific excellence. Among the important legal matters confirmed by the editor-in-chief of Kufa Journal of Arts ( Adab Al-Kufa) is the author of who published the scientific work attributed to him, whether by mentioning his name on the workbook or in any other way, and that the purpose of protecting the book or the scientific work published in our journal is to promote progress,  innovation and technical endeavors by allowing the authors or creators of applicable works to profit from their endeavors by giving them the exclusive right to control that work without copyright any scholarly work created can be immediately freely copied by others. This means that there will be very little incentive to spend effort in writing research, and therefore it is not permissible to copy or attribute any part published on the pages of the journal to anyone else without referring to the author of the original text and the author of the text and indicating the name of the journal, its number, the year of publication of the research, and a description.


Licensing policy:

      Kufa Journal of Arts ( Adab Al-Kufa) is licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows users to copy and create excerpts and summaries, and thus create new scientific works from the article or modify it and benefit from the scientific material, provided that the user refers to the link to the original article