Instructions for Authors

Kufa Journal of Arts  seeks to attract as large numbers of authors as possible; so, the editorial board saves no efforts to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in front of researchers form the different Arab and foreign countries by adopting the following steps:

Documentation of sources and references guide:

  • The researcher sends his research via the journal platform electronically and confirms on the first page his full name, scientific title, email, and administrative affiliation (place of work) in both Arabic and English.
  • The font type (Times New Roman) for the text and the margin. The size of the font of the text is (14), the size of the margin font is (12), and the spacing between lines is (1.5).
  • The researcher attaches with his research a summary in both Arabic and English languages, regardless of the language of the research. The abstract includes: The purpose of the research, its methods, and its most important results, provided that this summary does not exceed ten lines.
  • The method of documenting sources and references is according to the (APA) system (American Psychological Association).
  • The research includes keywords, in both Arabic and English that are not less than five words related to the subject of the research.
  • The editorial staff of the journal has the right to set the date of publication according to the priority system.
  • The research is not returned to the researcher if two scientific experts decide that it is not valid for publication.


As for the steps for submitting the research through the electronic journal platform, the researcher follows the following steps: 

  •  Registering in the journal platform by registering the researcher’s name and email, because the getting an account in the platform will facilitate many things for him, such as sending his research to the editor-in-chief and monitoring it electronically through communication between him and the editorial board.
  •  After sending the research through the platform, the researcher will receive an e-mail via his mail in which he logged in, informing him that his research has been received and that the journal presidency is in the process of sending it to an editor who will send it to arbitrators.After completing the registration process, click on Make a submission, fill in all the required fields, and attach an electronic copy of the research.
  •  The researcher pays the fees for publishing the research .
  • The editor, who is appointed by the editor-in-chief, undertakes the task of examining the research and verifying its information, especially with regard to the researcher, and then sends it to specialized scientific arbitrators.
  • After sending the research to the arbitrators, we inform the author that his research was sent to the scientific arbitrator and we are awaiting the arbitrator's report.
  • After receiving the report and decision of the scientific arbitrator, we notify the researcher of his report and send a copy of the corrections and observations of the scientific reviewers to the researcher via his e-mail, and that the author is required to fully adhere to these notes .
  •  After making the necessary corrections by the author, he re-sends a search through the platform portal in a corrected and complete form, and it contains all the necessary information related to it.
  •  After informing the editor-in-chief of the extent of the researcher's commitment to the corrections of the scientific reviewers, the editor-in-chief takes a decision of publication and sends an electronic notification to the author, thus issuing an acceptance order signed by the editor-in-chief to accept the research addressed to the author.
  •  After completing all these procedures, the editorial board takes a decision to publish the research and determine the number of the issue in which the research will be published according to the number of research papers received by the editor-in-chief, considering the researches arrival priority.


The method of documenting sources and references is according to the (APA) system (American Psychological Association):

- Documentation of the book shall be as follows: Author’s last name, first name (year of publication). Title of the book in italics. I (if any, provided that the first edition is not mentioned). The publisher. If the book has more than one author, the two authors should be separated by a comma (,).

An example of the method of documenting the book: Al-Alaq, Ahmed Shaker (2017). Lexicon of Iranian Personalities. 2nd Edition. Dar Al-Bidaya Publishers and Distributors.

- Documentation of research or article published in a journal in the following form: author’s last name, first name (publication year), title of article or research, journal name, volume number (in italics) (issue number), starting page number - ending page number.

An example of the method of documenting the article or research: Al-Alaq, Ahmed Shaker (2023). The Iranian National Party. Kufa Arts Journal. 1 (45), 140-160.

- Conference documentation is as follows: author's last name, first author's name (year, month, day), title of the research paper (in italics), organizing body, city, country.

An example of the method of documenting conferences: Al-Alaq, Ahmed Shaker (12, 4, 2023).Iranian Foreign Policy, Arab Democratic Center, Berlin, Germany.

- Documenting master's theses and doctoral dissertations in the following form: Author's last name, first author's name (year). Thesis or thesis title (in italics) [Unpublished Master's/PhD thesis]. University name.

An example of documenting a master's thesis or a doctoral thesis: Al-Alaq, Ahmed Shaker (2012). Political parties and organizations in Iran[unpublished doctoral thesis]. University of Kufa.