Calculations of The Shell Model for 27Mg Isotope


  • Mohammed Yahya Hadi Al-Qasim Green University, College of Biotechnology, Babylon, Iraq
  • Ammar A. Al-Sa’ad Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq



Shell model, reduced transition probability, Energy Levels, Core-polarization effects, 27Mg


Using shell-model calculations, the nuclear structure (energy levels and reduced transition probability) of 27Mg isotope has been studied. Shell-model codes, Oxbash for Windows operating system, were utilized to calculate the outcomes. Using a harmonic oscillator, the wave functions of radial single-particle matrix elements have been calculated. The calculated energy levels and available experimental data up to 5 MeV for 27Mg are compared. Core-polarization effects on reduced transition probability are introduced via first-order perturbation theory, which permits higher energy configurations via nucleon excitations from core orbits to those outside model space up to 9ℏω. The core-polarization effects have improved the agreement between B(E2) and their corresponding experimental data, but have no effect on B(M1), B(M2), and B(E1).


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Hadi, M. Y., & Al-Sa’ad, A. A. (2023). Calculations of The Shell Model for 27Mg Isotope. Journal of Kufa-Physics, 15(01), 37–45.