Peer Review Process

1- The Journal of Kufa-Physics operates a review process by an anonymous reviewer/disclosed author.

2- The received manuscripts will be forwarded to one linguistically editor to check out the plagiarism and evaluate the author/s writing quality.

3- In case, the similarity rate is higher than 20%, and/or the manuscript's writing level is unacceptable, then the manuscript with the plagiarism report and/or the linguistically editor comments will be sent to the author/s to modify it.

4- The next step is sending the modified manuscript to three reviewers with an evaluation form to evaluate its scientific importance, results, and validity for publishing.

5- The third step comprises resending the reviewer's comments to the author to modify them. Therefore, two authors out of three at least must agree the manuscript's soundness for publishing to be accepted.

6- Editors are not involved in decisions about papers that they have written themselves or have been written by family members or colleagues or which relate to products or services in which the editor has an interest.

7- After the acceptance of the manuscript it will be sent to the copyediting editor, to check all errors or any incorrect form of the manuscript, then make it in the journal final form of the manuscript.