Evaluation of Nurses Practices Regarding Intravenous Medications Administration at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital /Erbil city


  • Norhan Zaki Shaker Hawler Medical University
  • Gulala Kareem Azeez Hawler Medical University




Intravenous, administration, evaluation, practice


Background: Intravenous medication administration practices errors are the most common errors among hospitalized children.
Objectives: to assess intravenous antibiotic medication administration errors by nurses.
Methodology: An exploratory study conducted at Raparien pediatric teaching hospital in Erbil City of Iraqi Kurdistan region from December 17th 2012 to December 17th 2013. A purposive sample consists from 35 nurses working in three shifts of work, each nurse was observed during five procedures of intravenous antibiotic medication administration to hospitalized children. A questionnaire format consist from two parts the first part for socio-demographic data collection and the second part was an observational checklist concerning intravenous antibiotics medication administration procedure used for observing the nurses. The data was analyzed through using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis.
Results: The study findings had revealed that the highest percentages of nurse's errors were in the intravenous medication administration phase and most of nurses have errors of; inappropriate medication calculation, not washing hand, not monitoring patient before and after medication administration. There was significant relationship between nurses characteristics, professional background and intravenous antibiotic medication administration errors.
Conclusion: Majority of nurses practice intravenous antibiotic medication administration incorrectly in regarding to right dose and right documentation. Most of nurses weren't washing their hands before and after each procedure.

Recommendations:Researchers recommended establishment of training course for nursing staffs for improving their knowledge and practices that will help avoid medication errors. Having standard guidelines of intravenous medication administration in each unit .Provide medication preparation rooms with adequate guideline as posters in order to revitalize nurse's knowledge regarding appropriate medication preparation.


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Shaker, N. Z., & Azeez, G. K. (2017). Evaluation of Nurses Practices Regarding Intravenous Medications Administration at Raparin Pediatric Teaching Hospital /Erbil city. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 7(2), 52–60. https://doi.org/10.36321/kjns.vi20172.2280

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