Health Promotion Behaviors among Elderly in Nursing Home at Baghdad City


  • Rida M. Lefta



Objective: The aim of this study is to evaluate the elderly health promotion behavior through use five domains of physical activities, nutrition patterns, drugs use, psychological well being, seeking of health care. And also to determine the relationship between health promotion behaviors and demographic characteristics(age, gender, and level of education.

Methodology: non- experimental (descriptive study) conducted in nursing home at Baghdad city among elderlys' on A non-probability (purposive sample) of (N=80) person were matched with them from general population. The data were collected through the use of semi-structured interview by questionnaire, which consists of two parts (1) divide, section A. cover letter and B. Sociodemographic data which consists of 3-items, (2) health promotion behaviors questionnaire consists of 60-items distributed to four dimensions include, domains, physical activities, nutrition patterns , drugs use, psychological well being, and seeking of health care.

Results: The findings of the  present  study  indicate that most the elderlys' unable on practicing physical activity in nursing home residents The drug use domain is perfect for health promotion behaviors domains among elderlys' in nursing home residents, and demographic data no impact upon heath promotion behaviors.

 Recommendations: The study recommends that Implementation of health education programs by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to improve the elderlys' health promotion behaviors. The elderly of nursing home residents can be considered the target for programs to applying and reinforcing health      promotion issues.  

 Keywords : health promotion behaviors, elderlys', nursing home


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