Knowledge and Practices of Nursing College Student's Regarding Blood Pressure Measurement in Hospitals at Kirkuk City


  • Qasim Hussein Mohammed University of Kirkuk



Knowledge, Practice , Nursing college Students , Blood pressure


Background:-Blood pressure (BP) measurement is a frequent, basic clinical procedure. However, studies have shown measurement errors derive from problems with the instruments used (inadequate calibration, invalidated devices, etc) as much as from inappropriate procedures.

Objective: Assessment of nursing students Knowledge and Practices regarding blood pressure measurement.

Methodology: Descriptive Study conducted on 90 students were selected from fourth academic year in the nursing college / University of Kirkuk.from1st of October, 2015, up to the 30th of February, 2016. The study was carried out in the nursing college. The assessment degree was (yes or no), Observation of each subject of the sample during the measurement and fill in the scale sheet, each interview lasted (10) minutes, and SPSS program was used to analyze the data by Percentage and Frequency.

Results: (82%) of the sample did not apply fully measurement steps and the female students were somewhat better than male. The study results showed that the highest percentage (80%) of study samples is of age group (21-23) years (82%) of them were female, All of nursing student' have taken session about blood pressure measurement, Nursing student's had not adequate initial communication that (44%) of them Explain to the patient what will be done and (56%) of them not explain, Nursing student's had good knowledge about roll up the sleeve of the patient's garment so that no material will be under cuff (80%), Nursing student's had good practice in Record where sound disappear (76%), poor skill in offer the patient an opportunity to ask questions (79%).

Conclusion: most of the sample had a deficiency in the performance of some of the steps to be followed in the process of measuring blood pressure and specifically in the manual skills and female students were better
than males somewhat. So should be review the teaching curriculum of the undergraduate nursing skills and concentrate on the importance of skill training.

Recommendation: increase number of practice hours in the hospital for students by supervised of teachers and Educational sessions should be designed to increase student's knowledge about measurement of blood pressure. Providing scientific booklet with picture to increase student's knowledge. Further study has to be conducted in all students of our college. Examine the students in end of years about measurement of vital signs.


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Mohammed , Q. H. (2016). Knowledge and Practices of Nursing College Student’s Regarding Blood Pressure Measurement in Hospitals at Kirkuk City. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 6(2), 90–99.

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