The Knowledge of Students in Nursing College about Nursing Process


  • Dr. Dergham Majeed Hameed Al- Ftlawy



Across-sectional study was carried out at the college of nursing in the university of kufa; during the November (15) to December (30) 2011.

The study aims to assess the knowledge that providing from the college of nursing to the students and assess the level of knowledge in the students about the nursing process, and identifying the relationship between these knowledge and the students' demographic.

Methodology: The sample of the study includes are (100) students from the college of nursing in the university of kufa. The sample classified into (4) stages ( 25) students from each stage. The data were collected through the use of questionnaire type likert scales, which consisted of (30) questions about the steps of nursing process. The data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical analysis that include (frequency, and percentage), and the application of inferential statistical analysis that included (the person correlation coefficient, chi-square).

The results of the study indicated that there were non-significant relationship between the knowledge of students and some their demographic characteristics such as the gender & back ground, but there was significant relationship with the class (stage) of the students in the college of nursing and the age of them.

The study concluded the knowledge of students about nursing process increase whenever long study them in the college of nursing.

 Based on the research of the study, the study recommended apply education program to student undergraduate in nursing college, Increased the amount of information in curriculum in nursing college about nursing process and a booklet about nursing process should be designed and distributed to all students in college of nursing.

Key words: nursing process, college of nursing.


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