Study Some Immunological Factor (IL-17, INF-γ ,IL-8, and CA-12) as Predicator in The Diagnosis of Appendicitis


  • Nuha Qays Abdulmaged AL-Khawaja
  • Kifah Fadhil Hassoon Al- Shabaa


Appendicitis is the most common surgical condition in all hospitals of the world, so it represents a terrible problem for the community because there was no accurate diagnosis for it, surgery might lead to many complications and the diagnostic methods for appendicitis were significantly not changed over in the past few decades ; therefore, the aims of our study were to identify different cytokine level ( IL-17, INF-γ ,IL-8, and CA-125) in serum of patient with suspected appendicitis as predictor for its diagnosis.
The prospective case control study was carried out in Teaching Al-Sadder Hospital in Al- Najaf Government \Iraq, between December, 2018 to April, 2019. A total of (58)samples were enrolled in the study,40 from patients who were admitted to the emergency department with signs and symptoms of appendicitis )group Ι( &18 samples collected from apparently healthy control (AHC))group ΙΙ(who were identical to Patients group in (age, gender ,habital,…etc) but not suffered from any symptom of appendicitis
Our result confirmed that all immune markers were significant at (P≤0.05) between the serum of group Ι and ΙΙ for IL-17 test (median 210.1pg/ml &52.43pg/ml) respectively (P=0.004)when the cut of value(138.11 pg/ml) , INF-γ test(median36.9&21.04pg/ml)respectively(P=0.01)when the cut of value(46.53pg/ml),for IL-8 test (median 174pg/ml & 31.33pg/ml) respectively (P=0.0116) when the cut of value(81.74pg/ml) , and for CA-125 test (median 10.91u/ml & 6.57 u/ml) respectively (P=0.012) when the cut of value (11.31u/ml).
Our conclusion that the serum concentration of IL-17,IFN-γ, IL-8,and (CA-125)can be used as a predicator for the diagnosis of appendicitis, also The histopathological examination of all appendix specimens showed inflammation in all layers of the tissues characterized by dilatation of blood vessels with sharply increasing in the thickness of walls and its engorged with RBCs, infiltration of the inflammatory cells mainly neutrophils, and reactive hyperplasia.


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