Reviewer Responsibilities

The role of the reviewer is vital and bears a great responsibility in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. Every reviewer is expected to perform manuscript evaluation in a timely, transparent, and ethical manner, following the COPE guidelines.

Reviewers should meet the following criteria:

  • Hold no conflicts of interest with any of the authors;
  • Should not come from the same institution as the authors;
  • Should not have published together with the authors in the last three years;
  • Hold a PhD or be MD (applicable for medical journals);
  • Have relevant experience and have a proven publication record in the field of the submitted paper (Scopus, ORCID);
  • Are experienced scholars in the field of the submitted paper;
  • Hold an official and recognized academic affiliation.

KJB strives for a rigorous peer review to ensure a thorough evaluation of each manuscript—this is a fundamental task for our reviewers. Reviewers who accept to review a manuscript are expected to:

  • Have the necessary expertise to judge the scientific quality of the manuscript;
  • Provide quality review reports and remain responsive throughout the peer review process;
  • Maintain standards of professionalism and ethics.