Spline Technique for Second Type of Fredholm Integral Equations


  • Ahmed Flayih Jaber Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics department of Mathematics University of Kufa Nasiriyah - Iraq
  • Adil Alrammahi Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics department of Mathematics University of Kufa Najaf- Iraq




Linear Fredholm integral equation, cubic spline, Linear system


Integral equation plays very important tools in a developed science like numerous troubles in an engineering and mechanical sciences . a cubic spline method renowned to begin with one powerful role to solve many functional equations like integral equations ,ordinary and partial differential equation .In our paper, a spline method is used to solve the problem linear integral equation of Fredholm. Integral function is turned to polynomial by basis of cubic spline . efficiency test of the proposed method , the comparison is check together with method of power series (least square method) and quadrature(nystrom) method,Laguerre,Legendre and Hermite series method . In MATLAB, all programs are written.


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