A Weiner Topological Index for Neutrosophic Graph based on Strong Domination Set and Number


  • amir_majeed zandi tikrit university
  • Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif2 TIKRIT UNIVERSITY




single valued NG, Domination set, topological index, strong path


Different topological indices will always be valuable in a variety of disciplines, including chemistry, economics, electronics, business studies, social sciences and medicine. According to the dominating set and number, the Wiener index for neutrosophic graphs (NG) will be studied in considerable detail in this research.

Additionally, the Average Wiener index for an NG has been defined, and several associated theorems have been introduced.


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zandi, amir_majeed, & Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif2. (2023). A Weiner Topological Index for Neutrosophic Graph based on Strong Domination Set and Number. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 10(1), 78–82. https://doi.org/10.31642/JoKMC/2018/100110

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