Assessment of the Effect of Pregnancy Age (40 Years and Older) on The Outcomes of Pregnancy among Women Who Were Attending The Obstetric Teaching Hospital in Sulaimani


  • Layla A. Abas Technical Institute of Sulaimani
  • Layal A. Mohemed Technical Institute of Sulaimani
  • Nazar A. Mahmood University of Kirkuk



Assessment, women over 40 years, pregnancy, fetal death, hypertension, cesarean section


Background: The age of advanced mothers is still associated with a range of adverse pregnancy outcomes Objective: To assess pregnancy outcome at 40 years and older among women attending to obstetric teaching hospital of Suleiman

Methodology: A descriptive study was applied on mothers in sulaimani governorate from September 25th 2014 to May 11th, 2015. Non-probability sampling of (200) pregnant women 40 years and older who were attended to obstetric teaching hospital of sulaimani for following up their health. A questionnaire was developed for the purpose of the study. It was comprised of two parts; the first part includes the demographic characteristics of women and the second part consists of questions related to maternal health and fetus. A pilot study was carried out for the period from September 11th to 25th, 2014 to determine the questionnaire reliability through the use of (Test- Retest). A panel of (8) experts was involved in the determination of the questionnaire content validity. Data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical data analysis approach (frequency and percentage), and inferential data analysis approach (chi-square).
Results: The results of the study revealed that pregnant women more seasoned than 40 years had more chronic diseases, for example, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, so they require visit medical and dietetically treatment, likewise mal presentation, fetal demise happened more in women %40 years old, contrasted with women more youthful than 35 years, cesarean section in women %40 years had a more than two times, they required longer remaining in hospital. While placenta abroptia were about four times more in younger mothers compared to old age. Also abortion in younger women occurred more and needed more medical treatment continues check-ups.
Conclusion: The study conclude that high incidence of complications such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus ,malpresentation, placenta praevia, cesarean section, low birth weight, preterm delivery and fetal death delivery
were seen in pregnant women age 40 years & older.
Recommendations: The risks of pregnancy may be further lowered by promotion excessive health education regarding a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and interventions with excellent well trained health care giver are important.


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Abas, L. A., Mohemed, L. A., & Mahmood, N. A. (2017). Assessment of the Effect of Pregnancy Age (40 Years and Older) on The Outcomes of Pregnancy among Women Who Were Attending The Obstetric Teaching Hospital in Sulaimani. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 7(2), 16–23.

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