Assessment of Mosul University Students' Knowledge about First Aid


  • Hanaa Hussein Makhlef



Objectives: A descriptive study was designed to assess of Mosul university students' knowledge about first aid, and to assess the university students' knowledge about first aid cases (respiratory systems, circulatory systems, bleeding, trauma, burns, fractures, bites and stings ).

Methodology: A random sample was used for selecting (124) participants. The sample consisted of (62) students from the college of science, as well as (62) students from the college of education from the fourth stage of Mosul University. The study started from the 1st of December 2011 to the 15th of April 2012. Internal consistency of the questionnaire was assessed by calculating Coefficient Correlation which was (r = 0.80), and the statistical analysis organized by (SPSS, version 11).

Results: The present study found  the majority of the students in the study  (91.9 %) have not participated in the first aid courses,  also (96%) found the necessity for lean to the first aid activity. The result indicated to (46%) the knowledge level of  the first aid, (45%) the knowledge level of the first aid cases, and the percentage of the first aid cases as a following: the respiratory systems (25 %), the circulatory system (24%),  the bleeding (58%), the trauma (38%), the burns (51 %), the fractures (66%), and the bites and stings cases (53%).

Conclusion: Majority of the students have not participated in the first aid course, and observe it is necessary to learn the first aid activity. While a high percentage of the false answers about meaning of the first aid. In addition, the result reveals a high percentage of the participated students had false answers or they do not  know the first aid about the respiratory systems, the circulatory system, the trauma, the burns, and bites and stings. But the results reveal there is  a high percentage of the students had true answers about the first aid of the bleeding and the fractures.

Key Words: Assessment knowledge, University students, First aid, First aid cases


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