Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge of Using Heparin in Hemodialysis Unit


  • Dr. Khalidah Mohammed



Objectives: The study aims to assess the knowledge's of nurses on the use of heparin in the hemodiaylsis and determine the relationship between this knowledge's and demographic characteristics of the Nurses staff in departments of dialysis

Methodology: Descriptive study carried out during the period from December 2011 to May 2012 to assess the knowledge nurses on the use of heparin in hemodialysis study was conducted in a hospital Shahid Ghazi al-Hariri and Baghdad Teaching Hospital and Al Yarmouk Teaching Hospital and included a sample of the research (30) nurses working in hemodialysis departments .  Where data was collected after it was built form questionnaire by researcher  related to the purposes of the study and is composed of two parts. part one incuded user demographics and contains (5) items  and part two included .(13) items. The validity of the questionnaire was examined through (7) experts by calculating the correlation coefficient (Pearson), which was worth an acceptable statistically (r: 0.858) and collected data in a direct interview, then the data were analyzed through the application of descriptive analysis (frequency, percentage ) as well as deductive analysis of the data (arithmetic mean and weighted Pearson correlation coefficient) using statistical bag of Social Sciences, version 16

Results: The study showed that the majority of nurses are female and most of them aged between (26-30) and most of them graduates from Institute  and they have working experience between (1-5) years and their knowledge of the drug heparin were moderate.          

Recommendations: The study recommended that nursing specialization in hemodialysis station taking into account training session about the importance of  using  heparin in hemodialysis and how to deal with the complication according to special programs.

Conclusions: The result study finding that there is strong positive relationship between increased of expert and age, increased of training  and age also training with expert and there is moderate relationship between the remaining variables.

Keywords: Assessment, Nurses, Knowledge, Heparin, Hemodialysis Unit


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