Impact of Hyperviscosity of Blood on Elevation of Blood Pressure among the Adulthood at Baghdad City


  • Waffa Abed Ali Hattab University of Baghdad



Viscosity, secondary Polycythemia, Hyperviscosity, hypertension, blood donation


Objective of The study: The study aims to assess the of blood pressure in hypervelocity patients, and find out the relationship between of blood pressure and secondary polycythemia

Methodology: descriptive design study was starting in 1st of July 2014 to the 1st of September 2014. The study conducted on 54 persons who attended to blood bank to blood donation. The instruments were composed of four parts. The first part was concerned with the socio-demographic characteristics, second part deals the past and present medical history, third part was a personal behavior, and fourth part consist of the measuring hemoglobin level , and Blood Pressure before and after blood donation, the data was collected by using personal interview by responders to fill the personal socio-demographic characteristics, and medical problems, and the researchers measure the hemoglobin level for the persons before blood donation, and measure the blood pressure before and after donation and the data was analyzed by the application of descriptive and inferential statistical methods.

Results: The results revealed that the demographic characteristics of the study sample was 96.3% were males,
22.2% of them at age 23-27 years old, 68.5% were married, 35.2% graduated of secondary school, 37% of
them was employment, and 44.4% of them sufficient income, smoking history for the study sample was revealed
that 100% of them was smoker, 64.8% of them continues of smoking, 94.3% was intermittent to smoking, 87%
of them was used the water pipe, 18.5% of them continuous to used and 90.8% was intermittent for water pipe

Conclusion: the study concluded that the range of blood pressure reading for the study sample was changes
of before to after blood draw and it is reduced the percent of high blood pressure after blood draw, that there
were significant relationship between high level of hemoglobin and elevation of blood pressure at P≥0.05 value.

Recommendation: Based on the findings of present study the researcher recommended to implementing
effective strategies to control tobacco exposure, measurement of carboxyhemoglobin should be a routine part of
the evaluation of all hypervelocity patients, and labor sticking to increase recreation centers and arenas dedicated
to sport. 



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Hattab, W. A. A. (2015). Impact of Hyperviscosity of Blood on Elevation of Blood Pressure among the Adulthood at Baghdad City. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 5(2), 193–200.

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