Impact of Preoperative Risk Factors upon Duration of Intubation for Cardiosurgery Patients in Ibn-Al-Bettarcenter.


  • Narmen Badri Tawfiq University of Baghdad
  • Mustafa Flayyih Abdulrdha Ministry of Health



impact, preoperative risk factors, duration of intubation, cardio surgery patients


Objective: The aims of present study to assess the risk factors for heart surgery patients on duration of intubation of mechanical ventilation and to find the relationship between the duration of mechanical ventilation after the operation with preoperative risk factors.

Methodology: descriptive study (purposive) conducted in the Ibn-Al-Bettar center for cardiac surgery in the city of Baghdad for the duration of the tenth of October 2013 until the twentieth of August 2014 and the sample was selected object-non-probability for 100 patients after surgical intervention and the survival of the patient on a mechanical ventilation for 12 hours and more and collected information of patients charts and fill out the questionnaire consisting of two parts, as its first part on information medical history and surgical treatment of the patient and the second part of the seven items included (preoperative risk factors were identified reliability resolution by measuring the congruence of internal between the vertebrae after applying gauge Cronbach Alpha and equal = 0.796 and identified validity through 19 experts of specialists and data analysis were used descriptive statistics which included frequencies, percentages, and the mean, standard deviation and statistics inferential, which included independent sample t-test and Anova test .

Results: The results of the present study that most of the members of the sample were males between the ages of (48-78) years and that (48%) of the sample have diabetes, and (66%) of the patients had high blood pressure, and it was mostly has high the proportion of fat in the blood, (64%) of the patients had angina pectoris, and that (37%) of the patients have a valve diseases,. In related to risk factors there was a relationship between the duration of stay on mechanical ventilation with age, sex, level significantly less or equal. 0.05.

Conclusions: The increased age and the gender seem to be strongly associated with delayed tracheal extubation contributing to the early prediction of high risk patients for prolonged ventilation.

Recommendations: Based "on the results of the current study, the researchers recommended to follow a fast-tarck protocol for the purpose of patient care after cardiac surgery, especially in the process of weaning patient in mechanical ventilation device down to remove it.


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Author Biography

Mustafa Flayyih Abdulrdha, Ministry of Health

Ibn albitar center for cardiac surgery




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Tawfiq, N. B., & Abdulrdha, M. F. (2015). Impact of Preoperative Risk Factors upon Duration of Intubation for Cardiosurgery Patients in Ibn-Al-Bettarcenter. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 5(2), 141–149.

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