Technical Way for Resolve Pollution Problem in Drinking Water Network of Al-Najaf Governorate


  • Abdul-Kareem A. Mahmood University of Kufa
  • Fulath A. Muhsin University of Kufa
  • Abdul-Razaq Y. Abdulah Al-kufa Technical Institute



Resolve Pollution Problem, Chlorine injection system


Methodology: The study was conducted in Al-Najaf and Al-Kufa City that follow to Al-Najaf Governorate and it carried out of a tested some of WHO drinking water parameter for installation of a new approach Chlorine injection system (CL2 injector) in the drinking water network of Al-NAJAF Governorate that working as re disinfecting drinking water and control the defect or leakage of the network, the finally resulted was a good and excellent mixing way for disinfection. These mixing are doing by using CL2 injector that separating of continuous chlorination system that was used in many developed countries and installed on the pointed pollution (pollutant focus) of the drinking water network of present water treatment plant, this mixing way considered a new approach and never using like it. The determination of the installation site (pollutant focus) was made by two parameter: 1-Bacteriological examination (M.P.N). 2- Chemical examination (CL2). The CL2 injection system must be installed locally in the all district that giving positive bacteriological results.

Results: the study was found a 25 district with positive results through comparison with Iraqi and WHO standard. the study finding is indicating a clear defect in a present drinking water treatment plant and its distribution system.

Conclusion: T-test and Pearson correlation was applied and giving significant statistical differences that’s confirming study aims. The correlation between CL2 and bacteriological examination was showed a highly significant difference (p>0.001).

Recommendations: The study recommended of Improvement of drinking water network of al-Najaf governorate by installation of Chlorine Injection System Technology (Cl2 Injector) in all locations (neighborhoods) that gave positive bacteriological results. Establishing emergency program that deals quickly with the bacteriological drinking water contamination when confirmed in any part of community water system


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Author Biographies

Abdul-Kareem A. Mahmood, University of Kufa

College of Nursing 

Fulath A. Muhsin, University of Kufa

Community Health Department

Abdul-Razaq Y. Abdulah, Al-kufa Technical Institute

Community Health Department




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Mahmood, A.-K. A., Muhsin, F. A., & Abdulah, A.-R. Y. (2012). Technical Way for Resolve Pollution Problem in Drinking Water Network of Al-Najaf Governorate. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences, 2(2), 91–99.

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