Suggest a method for exchanging information in ad hoc networks


  • Nada Badr Jarah University of Basrah, Collageof management and economic



Ad Hoc, Ubuntu, Exchange of information, OLSR, AODV


The importance of studying private networks in communication and information exchange has increased due to the ease and speed of building in emergency situations among members of rescue teams in the site of large-scale disasters when the infrastructure cannot be used at the time of the disaster, and that the technology of private networks is non-wireless stations without the use of base stations or Router or Access point. The routing protocol for establishing a path is important because the stations move frequently, and the connection break cannot be known in real-time. Therefore, a proactive way to find link separation is by continuous exchange of routing information. In the proactive routing protocol, each party sends routing information on a regular basis. In this paper, information about the application layer was added when creating the route and a simple information distribution system was created through the simultaneous distribution of information held by each station at that time.


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