The w-Expansive With The Shadowing Property in g-Nonautonomous Discrete Dynamical Systems




general nonautonomous dynamic, expansive, w-expansive, shadowing properties, uniform homeomorphism, topologically conjugate .


In this study, we define the w-expansive property of generic non-autonomous discrete dynamical systems. We also show how the w-expansive feature is preserved under conjugate, inverse limits, and iterate. In addition, we discuss the relationship between the w-expansive and shadowing properties in generic non-autonomous discrete dynamical systems.


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Aljoboury, R., & Al-Sharaa, I. M. (2023). The w-Expansive With The Shadowing Property in g-Nonautonomous Discrete Dynamical Systems. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 10(2), 125–131.

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