Image Retrieval Based on Chain Code Algorithm Using Color and Texture Features


  • Ali M Ahmed University of Baghdad
  • Saadi M Saadi University of Baghdad
  • Karrar Neamah Hussein University of Baghdad



Chain codes algorithm, , Feature extraction, (Hue, Saturation, Value), Image Retrieval and RGB.


The rapid growth of image retrieval has provided an efficient Content-Based Image Retrieval CBIR system to retrieve image accurately. In this paper, a precise retrieval result by exploiting color, texture and shape features is proposed. First, extract the features by color moment and (Hue, Saturation, Value HSV color space as a color feature, and then get the co-occurrence matrix as well as Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT for a texture feature. Chain codes algorithm, specifically chain code histogram, is then applied to obtain the codes of the shape feature. Second, collect all these features and store it in the database, where each record represents one image of the dataset. Similarity process is executed to find the images that are more similar to the query image, retrieved images ranked. The dataset applied in this study is WANG that includes 10 classes with each class containing 100 images. Experimental results have revealed that the proposed method outperformed the previous studies with an average of 0.824 in term of precision


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Ahmed, A. M., Saadi, S. M., & Hussein, K. N. (2017). Image Retrieval Based on Chain Code Algorithm Using Color and Texture Features. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 4(2), 18–26.

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