A NewFramework for Analyzing and Mining Medical Data with aProposed Data Warehouse Model


  • Kadhim B. S. AlJanabi University of Kufa




Data Warehouse, Data Cube, Preprocessing, Star Model, Link Analysis


The work in this paper presents a proposed solution for preprocessing, analyzing, mining and data warehouse model for personal medical data collected from different hospitals and clinics. The proposed solution contains different phases and steps, including Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) and data preprocessing focuses on converting the logged data into categories suitable for analysis and mining process, a star warehouse model was implemented that fulfills the required processing techniques, data are represented by multi-dimensional cubes for efficient and better data representation, and finally link analysis was applied on the data. The proposed framework is simple and straight forward for implementation. Personal medical data from different sources mostly in Excel files were converted into clean, complete and consistent data by different preprocessing techniques. Logged data were converted into high quality, reliable and suitable for analysis and mining process. Star warehouse schema was implemented since it is very suitable for such type of data and mining techniques. 19900 patients records were collected and used in this work. Excel and WEKA software were used for the analysis and mining processes.


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