On modified approximation properties by q- analogue summation – integral type operators


  • Murtada J. Mohammed Basra University
  • S.A. Abdul-Hammed Basrah University,




Koroviktheorem, Voronovkaja-type asymptotic formula, modulus of continuity, Beta-Szàsz operators.


The purpose of this paper is to introduce a summation-integral q-Beta-Szàsz operators denoted by ( ( . We use the method of Korovik-type statistical approximation to prove our operators is approximate . then, we establish a Voronovkaja-type asymptotic formula for the q-operators. Finely,we obtain an error estimate in terms of modulus of continuity being approximated.


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Mohammed, M. J., & Abdul-Hammed, S. (2016). On modified approximation properties by q- analogue summation – integral type operators. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 3(1), 7–12. https://doi.org/10.31642/JoKMC/2018/030102

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