Minimal sets and stability For Compact sets of I(X)-spaces


  • Habeeb Kareem Abdullah University of Kufa
  • Amal Ibrahim Al-Attar AL-Mustansiriyah University



The set of all isometries on a metric space X with the usual composition of functions form a group and it is called the group of isometries and is denoted by I(X). In this paper we study the generalization of the concepts of minimal sets, stability and attraction, from dynamic system into the topological transformation group (I(X),X).We find that the collection of all minimal sets of I(X)-space is the collection of all the closures of orbits of X and we found some useful results about stability and attraction and we fixed the relationship among it's kinds.


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Abdullah, H. K., & Al-Attar, A. I. (2011). Minimal sets and stability For Compact sets of I(X)-spaces. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 1(3), 47–59.