Fuzzy Semi Compact and Fuzzy Semi Coercive Mappings


  • Habeeb Kareem Abdulla University of Kufa
  • Zainab Omran Musa University of Kufa




semi continues , Fuzzy semicompact space, semi-q-nbd, fuzzy semicluster point.


In this paper ,we introduce the concept of fuzzy semi compact and fuzzy semi coercive mappings in fuzzy topological spaces ,Wediscuss several characterizations and some interesting properties of these mappings. Also, we explain the relation between fuzzy semi compact mapping and fuzzy semi coercive mapping.


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Abdulla, H. K., & Musa, Z. O. (2014). Fuzzy Semi Compact and Fuzzy Semi Coercive Mappings. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 2(2), 24–36. https://doi.org/10.31642/JoKMC/2018/020205

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