Factors Affecting E-Learning System (Sadeem) Adoption among Iraqi Students


  • Khalid Abdulrazzaq Abdulnabi Alminshid


E-learning, Sadeem, TAM, Iraq, Technology acceptance


E-learning technology has opened a new era, accompanied by significant benefits in education systems. However, not all technology programs have the same turnout of human, and not all information technology applications are succeeding; it is related to the extent of user acceptance and continuity of use. Therefore, identifying the reasons why people accept or reject technology is a major concern. This research aims to find the factors influencing Iraqi students' acceptance of the Sadeem application, (E-learning system). 200 questioners were distributed over the students, but only 188 responses have used. TAM model and the SPSS statistical software, have used in the analysis of the questionnaire. The finding represented in; the ease of use is not the impact issue of the students' adoption while, the effect issue for the students is the belief that, the system is useful for enhancing their grades and education level. Finally, the outcomes can be employed to boost guidance on future work.


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