Plagiarism Statement

Plagiarism is the process by which a person adopts a group of ideas, inventions, and writings of other people by disposing of them and bringing them in a manner contrary to the reality in which they were originally brought, and it is a serious violation of publishing ethics. Submitted for publication in the journal to the policy of plagiarism detection and knowledge of the original business owners if plagiarism is found and adherence to only 15% of all research resources, and the process of plagiarism detection goes through two methods, the first is reviewing the article through the editorial board accurately, and the second method is mediated by plagiarism detection programs, and thus such is the case Things that constitute a serious matter with regard to the publishing policy followed in Kufa Journal of Arts (Adab Al-Kufa).

All new submissions to the journal will be checked by the journal system of plagiarism checking tool (