Aim and Scope

The Journal Objectives:

    Kufa Journal of Arts  is a Journal specializes in publishing human studies and research, seeks to enrich the Iraqi and Arabic libraries with studies that are concerned with the reality of human sciences in its various directions and fields and emphasizes the following goals:

1- Contributing to diffuse culture and develop human knowledge by publishing solid scientific research through the standards set by the editorial board of the journal, in a way that benefits the development and growth of human and social fields of knowledge.

2- Publishing scientific research and papers in various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

3- Giving importance in publishing research and scientific papers that deal with theses and scientific materials within the scope of human research according to modern methodological mechanisms that adopt the method of analysis and investigation.

4- Presenting distinguished research in various fields of human knowledge that serve society and the scientific side

5- The journal and its editorial board also aim to direct writers, authors, and researchers towards studying and realizing humanitarian ideas and topics that need in-depth study in the field of humanitarian disciplines.

6- Contribute to the development and exploration of a number of topics of contemporary discourse and direct contact with the individual life of a human and social orientation, which contributes to the renewal and creativity of realistic thought cases.


Publication scope:

      Kufa Journal of Arts seeks to attract the latest research in the field of human sciences. The arbitration process passes through a series of procedures, starting with the editorial board reviewing the text of the article, passing through the discovery of plagiarism and the detection of inference ratios to ensure the quality of the published research. The following regulations are the basis for the work of Kufa Journal of Arts :

1- The research must be original

2- Related to the magazine's field of interest (humanities)

3- The research has not been published in another place or part of it

4- It was not submitted for publication in two places at the same time