Environmental turmoil and its role in defining a market-oriented strategy An applied study in the men's clothing factory in Najaf


  • Assistant Professor Dr. Amer A. AL.Thabhawee Management Technical College/ Kufa/ Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University
  • Assistant Lecturer. Alaa Kadhim Obaid Al-Jubouri Management Technical College/ Kufa/ Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University




Environmental disturbance, market orientation strategy, , men's clothing factory


The purpose research aims to reveal the correlation and impact between environmental disorder through its dimensions (customers, competitors, technology) and market orientation through its dimensions (gathering and using marketing information, developing a market-oriented strategy, implementing a market-oriented strategy).

Research Methodology: The research problem was identified with several questions centered mainly on the nature of the relationship of influence and correlation between research variables, and for that reason a hypothesis was developed for the research expressing a main hypothesis that has been subdivided into three sub-hypotheses for each hypothesis, and in order to make sure of the hypotheses all subjected to multiple tests to make sure of The extent of its validity, the research used the descriptive analytical method as a method of research, and the research used the questionnaire as a way to obtain data, as the research community was the men's clothing lab in the Najaf governorate, and the sample was one of the workers in the laboratory in its various departments and their number was (1034) An employee has been distributed The questionnaire is on the short sample in the laboratory, as the number of questionnaires distributed (125) is a questionnaire and (100) a questionnaire valid for statistical analysis has been retrieved. The data were analyzed using a set of statistical methods (mean, mean, standard deviation, percentage). Percentage, simple regression, and multiple regression) results were extracted using the computer statistical program ) spss v. 23).

Research findings: The research reached several conclusions on the theoretical and field level, one of the most important of which was that the variables of the research are important topics in the current business environment that is characterized by continuous movement and applied to an organization that requires tactics with competitors and awareness of customer requirements and keep pace with modern technology, as well as the results of the research proved the existence of a relationship Correlation and significant statistical effect of environmental disorder in its three dimensions (customers, competitors, technology) in the market orientation strategy in the men's clothing factory in Najaf, the site of the research application.


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AL.Thabhawee, Amer, and Alaa Al-Jubouri. “ Environmental Turmoil and Its Role in Defining a Market-Oriented Strategy An Applied Study in the men’s Clothing Factory in Najaf”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 55, Mar. 2023, pp. 573-11, doi:10.36317/kaj/2023/v1.i55.11195.

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