The importance of justice and its implications between Aristotle and John Rawls


  • Janan Abdul Mohsen Saadoun University of Kufa- College of Arts
  • Jameel HALEEL Nehmeh Al-Muall University of Kufa- College of Arts



Rawls,Aristotle, happiness, organized society, virtue


Justice is considered the most important and fundamental moral and political virtue and it is the supreme virtue, and its lofty advantage has made it take precedence over all other moral virtues, and justice is the most controversial in the past and the present. Therefore, the issue of building theories of justice and its effects was a preoccupation of many philosophers, and Aristotle’s theory is considered ancient. Contemporary John Rawls' theory is one of the most important theories formulated to address the concept of justice. Aristotle and John Rawls are considered the most important and influential philosophers in intellectual circles, especially with regard to their views on justice. When Aristotle's theory was an expression of the Greek spirit, John Rawls' theory is an expression of spirit of contemporary societies.


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Saadoun, J., and J. Al-Muall. “The Importance of Justice and Its Implications Between Aristotle and John Rawls”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 55, Mar. 2023, pp. 161-7, doi:10.36317/kaj/2023/v1.i55.11236.