The effectiveness of a proposed strategy based on the theory of brain-based learning And its impact on the achievement of literary fifth graders in Arabic grammar


  • Prof. Dr. Maysoon Ali Jwad Al- Timimi College of Basic Education, Al-Mustansiriya University, Al-Musawi
  • Ehsan Abbas Hassan AL Musawi Al-Hilla College of Private University



Teaching strategy, brain-based learning theory, achievement, Arabic grammar


The current research aims to:

1-Building a fierce strategy based on the six-gloss learning theory.

2-dentify the effect of a teaching strategy based on the brain-based learning theory on achievement Literary fifth graders in Arabic grammar.

To achieve the two objectives of the research, the researcher has developed the following zero hypothesis: Statistical at the level of significance (۰, ۰5) between the average achievement of the experimental group students who They study Arabic grammar, using the teaching strategy based on learning theoryThe document is for the brain, and control group students study the same subject as usual . The researcher adopted the descriptive approach and the experimental approach, and the experimental design chose the two groups as experimental, control, and post-achievement achievement test.The researcher chose the intention of the prep of the martyr Abbas Kazem Murad, and the companion of Sa`sa'a bin Aswan al-Eidi for the boys to conduct his experiment in them, and by random drawing method he chose a popular (A) representation of the experimental group that studied the Arabic grammar course by adopting the educational strategy built according to the theory of learning assigned to the brain, and the division (B) The control group that studied the grammar subject represented the Arabic language by adopting the usual method, and the sample of the research reached (47) students by (22) A student in the experimental group and (25) a student in the control group.The researcher defined the study subjects that will be studied during the experiment period, and formulated behavioral goals for these topics, so (106) was a behavioral goal.One of the researcher at night is a teacher and a student activity book for the subjects to be taught during the experiment period. The researcher himself studied the two research groups for the duration of the experiment that lasted (11weeks), as the experiment started on Tuesday 19/2/2019 PM and ended with the application of the achievement test on Tuesday, 30/4 /2019, um and .The researcher prepared has an achievement test in the Arabic grammar, consisting of (forty) paragraph (thirty) paragraph of the type of multiple choice questions and (ten) paragraphs of the type of essay questions and proves the researcher of his sincerity, his essentials, the level of difficulty of his paragraphs, the effectiveness of his incorrect alternatives, and the power of discrimination  His paragraphs.The researcher used the following statistical methods in the research procedures and reaching the results: the second test (E Test) for two independent samples, and the Kai (Ka2)equation, the Aberson correlation coefficient, the Spearman-Brown corrective equation, the difficulty coefficient equation, the equation for the paragraph discrimination factor, and the formula for the effectiveness of alternatives  Wrong.


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Al- Timimi, Maysoon, and Ehsan AL Musawi. “mrahsanabbas89@gmail.Com The Effectiveness of a Proposed Strategy Based on the Theory of Brain-Based Learning And Its Impact on the Achievement of Literary Fifth Graders in Arabic Grammar”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 55, Mar. 2023, pp. 223-5, doi:10.36317/kaj/2023/v1.i55.11269.

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